Business Service

CARBEQUE is the embodiment of the knowledge accumulated by our umbrella company, 2A GROUP, over 26 years and 400 projects.

We pay particular attention to emphasize at every opportunity that a parking lot is the welcoming point for guests. In other words, the parking lot and business representatives constitute the visible face of the main facility.

As 2A, we created and implemented our own business model in order to show what can be done at these stages.

CARBEQUE took its name from the combination of two elements of pleasure, “car and barbecue”, and positioned itself as the representative of quality, comfort and trust in the sector.

You may pay a visit to and have a closer look at CARBEQUE that is located inside the POLAT PİYALEPAŞA ÇARŞI project, for which all consultancy and construction services have been provided by our company. You may also find a brief summary of its services below.

Parking lot operation

Carbeque Club – Car detailing-restoration centre 

VALET service

Shuttle service

Businesses like CARBEQUE, which will be preferred by those who “love their vehicles very much” and value themselves and their efforts, will provide great added value to the facilities they are located in.