Innovative Management Consultancy

Parking operation is of vital importance for your facility’s prestige as it is the first point of welcome for guests.       

Based on its many years of experience and operator identity, 2A GROUP offers management consultancy services in this field that will increase your efficiency while minimizing your costs and, most importantly, raise the satisfaction of your guests to the highest level.

Within this framework, very comprehensive services are provided in the following areas:         

Structural technique           

Administrative matters,                                      

 Operational matters,



In addition, in order for you to acquire technologies that will enable you to provide services of much higher quality to your guests, we also offer a service package that provides the following:

Return on technology investment,                   

Unlimited warranty during the service,               

Unlimited technical service during the service,   

Unlimited software updates during the service.

Our goal is to take the entire burden on these issues off your shoulders so that you can channel your precious time to your own line of business, and to increase your facility efficiency by maximizing the satisfaction of your guests.