The “Operational Design Consultancy” that we offer as 2A GROUP is a comprehensive package that covers many topics concerning the architectural/static/electrical/mechanical/landscape disciplines, in addition to traffic and parking lots.

In order to benefit from all the opportunities of this package, it would be an extremely right decision to start working on the “concept design” processes of the project.

Parking lot operation is of vital importance for your facility’s prestige as it is the first point of welcome for guests.       

Based on its many years of experience and operator identity, 2A GROUP offers management consultancy services in this field that will increase your efficiency while minimizing your costs and, most importantly, raise the satisfaction of your guests to the highest level.

We meet the automation system needs of your parking lots with the PARKONOM brand belonging to our company.

Domestic provision of the software and hardware technical support is a guarantee of the continuity of your business.

This is a product package designed mostly for places such as residences and offices that offer free parking facilities.

The parking lot is the welcome point for guests at every facility. In other words, the parking lot and business representatives constitute the visible face of the main facility.

As 2A, we implemented CARBEQUE to show what can be done at these stages.

CARBEQUE is the embodiment of the knowledge accumulated by our umbrella company, 2A GROUP, over 26 years and 400 projects.

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